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We are currently working on our Vanilla Loft education program for 2020, when we will launch our very first “look and learn” visual experience workshops - performed by Vanilla Loft co-founder Chris Weber-Mirlach.

By hosting a Vanilla Loft workshop, you will have an exciting opportunity to learn some of Chris’ most useful tips and exclusive techniques in a focused environment. Chris will work on live hair models and delve into his many areas of expertise.


We are so delighted that you’d like to host a Vanilla Loft workshop. Below you will find a form which will give us an opportunity to receive an introductory overview of your space and education goals.

Once we have reviewed your information, we will get back to you in order to arrange your “look and learn” workshop with Chris Weber-Mirlach and Vanilla Loft. We look very much forward to meeting you and your team.

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Founder or Director's Name
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